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'The decline in time spent doing homework might be the result of changing patterns in how students use their free time, reflecting, for example, the growing importance of the Internet and.

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How much time does the average kid spend on homework a day It depends. In 1997 9-12 year olds spent an average of 3 1/2 hours on homework a week. In 1999 9-11 year olds spent an average of 5 1/2 hours on homework a week.

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How Much Homework Do American Kids Do? - The Atlantic In the 2002-2003 school year, a study out of the University of Michigan found that American students ages six through 17 spent three hours and 38 minutes per week doing homework.

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High Schools Assign 3.5 Hours of Homework a Night, Survey. Middle school teachers (grades 6-8) assigned roughly the same amount: 3.2 hours of homework a week, or 38.4 minutes a day per class. That adds up to 3.2 hours of homework a night for a student.

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Average Time Spent Doing Homework High School Average hours spent on homework per week and percentage of 9th- through 12th-grade students who did homework outside of school and whose parents checked that homework was done, by frequency of doing homework average time spent doing homework high school raceethnicity 2007.

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U.S. children and teens spend more time on academics Research U.S. children and teens spend more time on academics By Diane Swanbrow News Service. American children and teens spend about four hours a week on homework and attend school for about 32.5 hours a week, according to a U-M study that provides a detailed snapshot of the way school-age children spend their time.

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How Much Time Do Kids Around The World Spend At School? The Russian school year, at least in terms of instructional time, is. These kids average just 470 hours a year (the average among 33 developed nations is 790 hours). Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean students are getting a lesser education, because Russia’s literacy rate is high .

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What's the right amount of homework? | Stanford Graduate. William Kirk, a senior at Highland High School, spends nearly an hour each night doing homework on average. That's too much, he said. 'I think it just has to be done to get a grade in class,' Kirk said.

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Students Spend More Time on Homework but Teachers Say It's. By comparison, the survey found middle school teachers assign about 3.2 hours of homework each week and kindergarten through fifth grade teachers assign about 2.9 hours each week.

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About 3.5 hours of homework a day for high schoolers? That. A poll of public school teachers finds that on average, high school students are assigned 3.5 hours of homework per weeknight, or more than 17 hours a week.

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